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Saying it's just "youth softball" (or baseball, soccer, ect) is the worst excuse for bad calls or kids/coaches being "too competitive". All of my kids play travel/competitive sports, and to put in all the extra hours of work it takes to be a student athlete only to have a game get blown by bad calls or poor officiating is unacceptable. These kids get up and go to school at 7 A.M.. Then after a full day of classes, go to practice till 7. Then they get to come home and study/do homework to make sure they remain academically eligible. After doing this for a full week, they play tournaments on the weekends in 100°+ weather for several hours. The dedication and commitment these kids have is beyond impressive. To have an umpire blow a call and take away all their hard work is wholly unacceptable.





È insopportabile la gente abituata a governare nel torto marcio. Ma abituata così tanto che quando all'improvviso un governato si "ribella", ancora si risente e cerca di schiacciarlo per soffocare una possibile "rivolta" che minerebbe il suo piccolo orticello.


haters gonna hate

Fa figo essere costipati nell'impossibilita' del fare
Dice "ma io ci provo, faccio del mio meglio"
Così mi han detto svariati sucker
Cercando di giustificarsi... idioti!
È come se uno dopo avere cagato, si pulisce con la mano
E quella cazzo di mano vuole stringer la mia
Giustificandosi del fatto che di questi tempi non si trova carta igienica


Le vie dei sogni

Bene. I sogni si realizzano anche senza soldi.

Solo che ci vuole troppo tempo.
Ora bisogna darci una botta.




Questo è uno tra i più bei complimenti che mi sia mai stato fatto:

I kinda can say Lephio (also known as Hematoma) was a host of mine. When in Lisbon he slept in my couch with a good friend of mine for a night after hanging out with us. It was amazing and he is a very good person, easy-going and very open to other cultures... he even danced forró (a typical brazilian dance) with us, and super well! I can say he is like a sponge, he absorbes the culture around after a few time of experiencing it and it allows him to be more than a simple tourist. In other words, that's an example everybody visiting other countries should try to follow :)

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